Aim of the Green Marine Project

Green Marine aims to accelerate climate neutrality in waterborne transport by retrofitting existing fleets with emission control solutions. The project will develop retrofitting protocols, a software tool catalogue and demonstrate innovative carbon capture, energy-saving, and fuel consumption reduction technologies. The solutions will be tested on land-based engines before being demonstrated on a waterborne vessel. The consortium includes 10 partners from 7 countries, consisting of 6 SMEs, 3 research institutes, and a major ferry operator.


Develop and validate retrofitting protocol tools suitable for adapting engines, flue gas carbon capture and utilisation, and integrated energy-saving solutions for ships.

Tailor a (nano)particle and virus removal solution and demonstrate the significant HVAC energy savings that can be achieved by reusing virus-free air in enclosed areas.

Tailor commercially available gas-gas separating membranes for CO2 and water capture.

Develop and implement a carbon capture solution based on an alkaline solution with Ca and Mg from seawater.

Develop and validate a software tool containing an up-to-date catalogue of suitable solutions for a wide variety of ship types and operation scenarios.

Replicate project learnings and stimulate the use of the developed software tools to further enrich its data.

Firmly position our retrofitting, software tools as a sustainable solution for Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) market.

Retrofitting Technologies to Develop

Aux engine retrofit

Flue gas retrofit

HVAC system retrofit

Ship system operation